Category: Sector Report


This presentation gives details on the trends in container traffic, container handling infrastructure, capacity addition and utilsation level and recent developments.

Financing trends

This presentation analyses the overall financing scenario in the sector, holistically covering the deal activity, investment outlook and risks and returns

Private Sector Participation

This presentation give details on private sector experience, revised MCA-2021 for PPP Projects, key completed ongoing/Upcoming PPP Projects and key players profiles.

Trends in port charges and tariffs

This presentation highlights the overall trends costs, charges and tariffs at ports, tariff revisions due to Covid-19, issues and concerns, and recommendations to reduce port tariffs/charges.

Inland waterways

This presentation details out the existing Infrastructure, traffic trends and recent developments in the inland waterways.

Port connectivity

This presentation gives details on the experience so far in the connectivity projects, investment requirements and upcoming projects and tenders.

Coastal shipping

This presentation details out the traffic trends, recent developments and key government initiatives in coastal shipping


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